Sales Manager Foodservice

Sales Manager Foodservice

We are a food company that utilizes surplus ingredients from the food industry to create gourmet stocks, sauces, flavor enhancers, and other ingredients for professional kitchens.

We believe that sustainable, high-quality products are the key to reducing food waste. We achieve our success through close and open collaboration with our customers in the foodservice sector.

All our foodservice products are based on:

  • Surplus ingredients from the food industry.
  • Danish ingredients and local production.
  • No additives or E-numbers.


The Position
After a period of significant growth, we are now in need of a skilled foodservice sales professional to take responsibility for the ongoing growth of our foodservice business in Denmark.

You will be responsible for our foodservice business in Denmark and will report directly to the company's Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), based at our office in Nordhavn.

A significant part of your workday will be in the market, where you will seek out, visit, and develop customers in close collaboration with your team. Your routine will involve a mix of sales and customer advice, planning and business development, as well as motivating and actively leading the Danish Foodservice team.

You will be surrounded by fun, ambitious, and dedicated colleagues who are passionate about our shared project. The environment is informal, innovative, and highly entrepreneurial, and everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas and input to the future development of the business. This is particularly true in this role, where you will be the linchpin in the continued success story of foodservice, thus having a significant impact on both your own and the company's further development.


The Candidate
You are motivated by sales and business development and are driven by achieving results. You get a thrill every time you close a new deal with a restaurant or a major cafeteria chain, and you use this attitude to cultivate a strong winning culture within your team.

You are passionate about leadership and know how to rally the entire team to get tasks done. This applies both to your sales team and colleagues in other departments who play a significant role in ensuring customer satisfaction.

You have a strong network in the industry and are accustomed to a daily schedule filled with appointments with new and existing customers. You are naturally proactive and proactive, always keeping an eye on the team's customer pipeline – even during the busiest times of daily tasks.

You have a structured and analytical approach and work effortlessly in Excel and PowerPoint. Ideally, you have experience with CRM systems (we use HubSpot).

You have a deep-seated passion for food and ingredients, and preferably a professional background in the field. This could include practical experience in gastronomy or experience in developing gastronomic products and solutions.

You are highly proficient in Danish and English, and if you speak multiple languages, it's a clear advantage.

Last but not least, you possess tremendous drive and are known for spreading positive vibes around you. You are open, outgoing, and effective in communication, with a personality that fosters strong and lasting relationships.


Your mission
When a chef hears our story and tastes our products, we gain a new fan of REDUCED. However, changing the customer's long-standing purchasing patterns or habits in their kitchen requires relentless effort and perseverance. The compelling story and our strong sustainability profile establish the initial contact – but taking the step further to concrete orders demands significant, persistent, and proactive efforts from you and your team.

The key to continued success, therefore, is that you and your team maintain close proximity to customers with a constant focus on how REDUCED can assist them in their daily operations.


Please send us your CV along with your motivation to become a part of REDUCED.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email Niels:

or +4526841104.