Upcycled natural savoury flavour solutions

How we do
More flavour. Less waste.

More flavour. Less waste.

REDUCED is a biotechnology company located in Copenhagen. 

We create flavour solutions for food service and industry customers. 

We have developed proprietary fermentation technology to process side streams into clean-label food ingredients. 

Always with a focus on taste, quality and sustainability.

Climate foot prints are here.

Climate foot prints are here.

We now have climate footprints on our products!

But why climate footprints?

At REDUCED we don't "only" want to produce upcycled flavour solutions.

We want to be transparent about our CO2e. And make sure our customers know the impact they will make by choosing REDUCED.

Swedish company CarbonCloud measures our total carbon footprint end to end, including raw material, transportation, packaging and production.

The climate footprint is currently on all industry product labels and will be added to food service labels.

Developing upcycled flavour solutions.

Developing upcycled flavour solutions.

We have built our own production facilities in Nordhavn. Here, we produce natural savoury flavour solutions using biosolutions.

The production currently includes a portfolio of four industry and food service products.

These are made from raw materials such as broken rice and lentils, apple cores, spent laying hence and discarded mushrooms. 

We are certified organic producers and we are in the process of obtaining the GFSI Standard Certification.

Working in the food industry or food service? We got you.

Working in the food industry or food service? We got you.

98% of consumers wants actively to reduce food waste (Mattson 2020). 

We can help with that. In both food service and industry.

Our ingredients and food service products have a low CO2 footprint and are clean label. 

Contact us if you want samples.

We'll ship them and we can also do a tasting.

It's better for your business, your customers, and the planet.

We are hiring: Sales Manager for Foodservice.

We are hiring: Sales Manager for Foodservice.

Do you want to lead our Danish growth adventure in the foodservice industry?

Are you passionate about sustainability and have a love for gastronomy?

Do you possess successful sales and management experience from a manufacturer or distributor within the Danish foodservice sector?

If so, this opportunity might be the perfect match for you!

Read more about the job here

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