Mushroom Umami

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A plant-based flavour enhancer

Our Mushroom Umami product is a natural flavor enhancer made from upcycled brown button mushrooms.

In mushroom cultivation 8-10% of the crop grows out of the shape that retail desires and the mushroom farmers are essentially stuck with them. This unfortunately amounts to an anual waste stream of over 200 tonnes for a medium-large scale farm alone.

Mushroom Umami

At REDUCED we see waste streams as an opportunity for flavor, this case led to the development of the Mushroom umami products: LM-Umami & PM-Umami.

Mushroom Umami consists of hydrolysed mushroom protein meaning its packed with Umami in the shape of Glutamate and free nucleotides: Inosine-5′-monophosphate (IMP) and Guanosine-5′-monophosphate (GMP).

Additionally upcycling a single kilo of waste mushrooms allows us to save 0.47kg of CO2 (CONCITO) from being emitted.  



Mushroom Umami product details




Salt %


Flavor profile


Agaricus Bisporus



Dark brown



Persistent, Complex


Agaricus Bisporus



Brown - Black

Mushroom forward, Sweet, Mouth coating


A valuable ingredient for a variety of different reasons  

Indsæt tabel

Easy to use in a multitude of product categories: 

Plant-based meat alternatives

Plantbased burger

Both LM-Umami and PM-Umami work well in Plant-based meat alternatives since it boosts the savoryness of the products, complements other flavorings, and masks potential off-flavors.

LM-Umami can be used to hydrate extruded plant proteins to give flavor within in the matrix rather than soaking in over time.

- Plant-based sausages (both in whole food based concepts and functional ingredient based systems)

- Plant-based burgers (both in whole food based concepts and functional ingredient based systems)

- Plant-based fish alternatives



      LM-Umami is a great base for soups since it is easy to incorporate the liquid, has a neutral flavor and is clear when mixed as a broth.

      Such a broth is an excellent flavor base for other soups so you can range from Mushroom ramen broth to tomato soup, potato and leek soup, or to give another boost to a cream of mushroom soup.

      Sauces and dressings


      Both LM-Umami and PM-Umami are great additions into any traditional cooking sauces, wether it is barbeque sauces, brown sauce, tomato sauces. But also in glazes as a finishing sauce for panfried vegetables or PB-meats.

      LM-Umami also comes in handy when making plant based dressings that normally require worcherstershire-sauce, fish sauce etc. and the upside compared to soy-sauce (the common substitute) is a lower salt content and a more complementary flavor.



      LM-Umami and PM-Umami work well together when making PB-versions of the commonly used spreads in Denmark, such as liver paté and mackerel spread.




      LM-Umami and PM-Umami are a great addition to any bread recipe that needs that extra caramelized boost. Especially in Rye bread we love how the product brings another layer of flavor. But also think of Mushroom pot pie fillings, quiche fillings etc.


      PM-Umami has been incorporated into some preliminary trials for a vegan jerky/bilton and shows great promise but the texture is still a challenge.

      PM-Umami has also been incorporated into some vegan dry snacking sausages, the color was slightly too dark but the flavor was very pleasant.

      Chips/Crisps: powdered dusting.


      LM-Umami was used as a marinade for a paneer (neutral flavor cheese curds) to add more flavor and increase the umami in the curds.

      PM-Umami was used to emulate a french morbier cheese (normally a layer of Ash) test is under way. Update will follow.