REDUCED Vegetable Stock Concentrate

REDUCED Vegetable Stock Concentrate

REDUCED concentrates is fermented products developed specifically as a base for soups and sauces with a deep umami flavour as an ideal foundation. The concentrate is easy to implement so the chef can focus on perfecting the dish. Use it as it is or dilute it 1:15.

We are proud to introduce REDUCED Vegetable Stock Concentrate - an advanced culinary solution that not only enhances the flavor profile of your dishes but also actively contributes towards the utilization of side streams. Let's explore the technological precision and natural taste that define this product.


REDUCED Vegetable Stock Concentrate: Technological Refinement and Culinary Excellence

REDUCED Vegetable Stock Concentrate surpasses the definition of a simple base by adding technical precision to your cooking. This concentrate, to be diluted in a ratio of 1:15, is not just an ingredient, but a key to transforming your dishes into authentic flavor experiences.


Technical finesse and natural flavor quality

The vegetable stock concentrate is crafted with a meticulous approach to technical refinement. By combining carefully selected vegetable components and our unique production processes, we achieve a deep and authentic flavor profile. The organic purity and 'clean label' character ensure that you deliver a premium quality experience without the use of additives or flavorings.

Efficiency and sustainability united

REDUCED Vegetable Stock Concentrate is not only a key to flavor enhancement but also a strategic decision for efficiency. Whether you are a producer of soups, sauces, or ready meals, or if you operate a commercial kitchen or cafeteria, our concentrate offers a time-saving and economically advantageous solution. Through a simple dilution at 1:15, you open the doors to a world of taste without compromise.

Create a more sustainable culinary future

REDUCED Vegetable Stock Concentrate is not just about flavor and efficiency; it's about making a positive impact on our planet. By using surplus raw materials and eliminating additives, this product contributes to a more sustainable future.