REDUCED Chicken Stock, Roasted PRO

REDUCED Chicken Stock, Roasted PRO

Chicken stock specifically developed for use in the professional kitchen. The unique flavor combination of roasted chicken and deep umami makes it a versatile base for everything from soups and sauces to stews and risotto.

REDUCED Organic Chicken Stock Roasted PRO, is made from retired organic laying hens and enhanced with 5% of our Umami Concentrate with chicken. The stock boasts a deep umami and a pure flavor of roasted chicken. Its low salt content makes it exceptionally suitable as both a soup base and for reduction.


The taste lies in the process

Before we cook the stock, the chickens are roasted in the oven. This process creates the roasted notes as well as a deeper and more intense flavor. Then, the stock simmers and reduces for +16 hours, and REDUCED Organic Umami Concentrate with chicken is added. The end result is a chicken stock with a pure flavor of roasted chicken, along with depth, umami, and a subtle sweetness from the Umami Concentrate. If you'd like to learn more about our Umami Concentrate with chicken, you can find it here.


How to use our chicken stock PRO:

REDUCED Organic Chicken Stock can be used as a base in soups, sauces, stews, and risottos. The stock is lightly salted, allowing you to add salt and spices according to your taste.

REDUCED Organic Chicken Stock, Roasted PRO, for professional kitchens is available in the following variant:

  • 1000 ml Organic Chicken Stock, Roasted PRO in a single-use plastic pouch, which is easy to empty and takes up minimal space in waste sorting.


Ramen med hønsefond


Our chicken stock is based on upcycled produce.

In the past, it was a common practice. When a hen in the henhouse became less productive with egg-laying, it would be slaughtered, and then soup would be made from it. One can actually consume the meat from a soup hen, but since it is tough and lean and has a significantly more intense poultry flavor than what we are accustomed to from the type of chicken found in the supermarket's refrigerated section, it is difficult for egg producers to sell it in retail and therefore often ends up as biogas.

However, the intense flavor of a "retired" hen from egg production is, on the other hand, perfect when making soup and stock. REDUCED Organic Chicken Stock is made from organic hens from Danish egg production. This not only allows for creating a stock with richness and flavor but also means that the hens can contribute to food production and reduce waste from the industry.

For every liter of chicken stock we produce, we save 1 kg of hens from going to waste.