REDUCED Chicken Stock Concentrate

REDUCED Chicken Stock Concentrate

REDUCED concentrates is fermented products developed specifically as a base for soups and sauces with a deep umami flavour as an ideal foundation. The concentrate is easy to implement so the chef can focus on perfecting the dish. Use it as it is or dilute it 1:15.

We proudly introduce REDUCED Chicken Stock Concentrate - A technologically advanced culinary solution that not only elevates the flavor profile of your dishes but also actively works towards the utilization of side streams.

REDUCED Chicken Stock Concentrate: Precision and Practicality

Our REDUCED Chicken Stock Concentrate is much more than a simple base; it represents an opportunity to infuse sophisticated flavor into your creations with meticulously calibrated technical processes. The concentrated base, diluted in a ratio of 1:15, opens the doors to a culinary world where taste and efficiency unite.

Technical finesse and ecological integrity

The chicken concentrate is constructed with precise technical refinement. By combining retired Danish chickens with pearl barley and our signature Koji fermentation, a sophisticated flavor profile is achieved, bringing depth and character. The organic purity and 'clean label' character offer a reliable quality guarantee, without the use of additives or flavorings.

Efficiency and sustainability - united

REDUCED Chicken Stock Concentrate is a strategic decision for efficiency. Suitable for producers of soups, sauces, ready meals, as well as larger kitchens and canteens, our concentrate presents a unique opportunity to elevate quality without compromising on time and cost efficiency.

The future of flavor and sustainability

REDUCED Chicken Stock Concentrate is not just an ingredient, but a path towards an intensified flavour future with the use of side streams. Explore technological precision and culinary expertise while actively participating in creating a more sustainable culinary world.