REDUCED Vegetable Stock made from Nordic seaweed

REDUCED Vegetable Stock made from Nordic seaweed

Vegetable stock made from Nordic seaweed, designed for professional kitchens, is an exceptional all-purpose stock with intense umami and a dark brown color. It can be used in both vegan and non-vegan cooking.

Our vegetable stock is vegan and made from 100% organic ingredients – "imperfect" organic vegetables, second-grade mushrooms, and Nordic kelp. Seaweed has an incredible ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

For every liter of REDUCED vegetable stock, we save 640 grams of vegetables from going to waste.


This is how we give our vegetable stock its delicious flavour

Seaweed, vegetables, and water simmer and reduce for +8 hours, resulting in a vegan alternative to animal-based stocks that doesn't compromise on either flavor or viscosity. The stock has an intense umami taste and a dark brown color – without additives or concentrates.


Ristede grøntsager til REDUCED fond


How to use our vegetable stock:

The vegetable stock is not a concentrate and can therefore be used as it is – either as a base in a sauce, risotto, soup, simmered dishes, vegetable dishes, etc. It can be used in both animal-based, vegetarian, and vegan kitchens. The stock is only lightly salted, so you can add salt and seasonings according to taste.

REDUCED Organic Vegetable Stock for professional kitchens is available in the following variant:

  • 1000 ml REDUCED Organic Vegetable Stock in a single-use plastic pouch, which is easy to empty and takes up minimal space in waste sorting.


From sorted out to gourmet 

In a report from 2016, the Nordic Council of Ministers estimated that more than 33,000 tons of vegetables are wasted annually in Danish agriculture.

Vegetables are naturally sorted out if weather conditions have damaged the harvest or if they don't meet the required eating quality. Unfortunately, a significant portion is also rejected because they are too misshapen, small, large, or unsightly to be placed on supermarket shelves. This is a poor outcome for vegetable producers, prompting them to often seek other partners for the sorted out vegetables.

When making stock from these vegetables, their appearance doesn't matter – and in REDUCED's vegetable stock, there's room for small cauliflowers, crooked leeks, and unsightly mushrooms.

The "imperfect" and sorted out vegetables come from Danish organic producers through Gasa Nord Grønt, along with the delicious second-grade mushrooms from Tvedemose.


Wakame seaweed - as an ingredient

Seagrass and kelp are the forests of the sea. And just like trees, kelp absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. In fact, kelp is 5 times more efficient at absorbing CO2 than land plants - and it doesn't need fertilizing or watering.

Kelp is a cherished ingredient in traditional Japanese cuisine - appreciated for its crispness, salty, oceanic notes, and especially for its profound umami flavor. We use wakame seaweed, as it's the type of seaweed that offers the best taste when simmered for an extended period.