REDUCED Umami Sauce with Chicken

REDUCED Umami Sauce with Chicken

REDUCED Organic Umami Sauce – Chicken is a fermented product made from organic retired chickens from Danish egg production, barley, koji, salt, and water – without the use of additives and flavor enhancers.

Our Umami Sauce with Chicken is a fermented product made from roasted, retired hens from Danish egg production, barley, koji, salt, and water – without the use of additives and flavors. The Umami Sauce has a salty and roasted flavor with floral and fruity notes. Rich in taste and velvety texture. Elevates any dish in savory cuisine and adds complexity and long-lasting flavor to the food.


Why is our Umami Sauce different?

If you want to enhance umami in your dishes, you can use ingredients like anchovy fillets, concentrated tomato paste, soy sauce, or Parmesan cheese. However, these ingredients also add flavors, colors, and textures that go beyond umami. REDUCED Organic Umami Sauce, on the other hand, provides pure umami as an ingredient. With it, you can add the desired depth and intensity to your food without altering its structure or color.

With a salt content of 11%, the product remains stable at room temperature for up to 24 months. Once opened, it remains usable for up to 3 months. Remember to consider the overall salt content in your dish when using it.


How do we make Umami Sauce with chicken?

REDUCED Organic Umami Sauce is a unique, fermented umami sauce made from koji, barley, and retired hens from Danish organic egg production. It is produced in REDUCED's dedicated production facilities in Copenhagen's Nordhavn, designed specifically for this product. Here, vikoji (Aspergillus oryzae) is cultivated and utilized, its enzymes breaking down the proteins in the hens and unlocking the umami flavors (protease). The fermentation process results in a deep and intense umami taste in the product.

This Umami Sauce is organic, free from additives and added aromas. For every 3 liters of Umami Sauce, we use 1 kg of hens that would otherwise have been used for biogas.


How to use our Umami Sauce with chicken:

The finished dish before serving for a more intense flavor, or use as an ingredient in your dishes. Add, for example, to vegetable and meat dishes, soups, salads, dressings, and risotto. It can also be used as a base ingredient in emulsions such as mayonnaise and marinades. Umami Sauce balances, intensifies, and enhances the flavors of the other ingredients in the dish. Also suitable for all types of slow cooking.

REDUCED Organic Umami Sauce with hens for professional kitchens is available in the following variant:

  • 1000 ml Organic Umami Sauce with hens in a plastic bottle with a screw cap made from recycled plastic - rPET.

 Perlebyg med koji

What is koji, and how does it work?

Koji is a filamentous fungus, primarily used in East Asia for the production of alcoholic beverages such as sake and shōchū. It is also used to ferment soybeans for the production of soy sauce and miso. Koji has the ability to convert carbohydrates in rice and grains (starch - polysaccharides) and produce enzymes like alpha-amylase and glucoamylase. When these enzymes come into contact with the starch in the grains, the starch is converted into simple sugar (glucose - monosaccharide). This sugar can then serve as a nutrient base for other organisms. A small amount of lactic acid bacteria and/or yeast cells can further convert the sugar produced by the koji culture into substances like lactic acid, alcohol, and other flavor-enhancing compounds.

In our Umami Sauce, we cultivate our own koji in pearl barley and then let it ferment along with the roasted and ground hens, water, and salt.