REDUCED Umami Sauce with Mushrooms

REDUCED Umami Sauce with Mushrooms

REDUCED Organic Umami Sauce with Mushrooms is a vegan flavor enhancer with a natural and pure mushroom taste – packed with umami. Based on only two ingredients: organic second-grade mushrooms and salt. Nothing else.

Our Organic Umami Sauce with Mushrooms, designed for professional kitchens, is a vegan flavor enhancer with a natural and pure mushroom taste – brimming with umami. Based on just two ingredients: organic 2nd grade mushrooms and salt. Nothing else – REDUCED has developed a unique method to extract the intense umami flavor without adding any other ingredients. Umami Sauce with mushrooms elevates every dish and adds depth, complexity, and a lingering aftertaste to your food.

With a salt content of 11%, the product remains stable at room temperature and can remain unopened for up to 24 months. After opening, the shelf life is 3 months. Remember to account for the salt content in the overall dish.

The product is organic, produced in Denmark, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, free from allergens, and without additives.


How to use our Umami Sauce with mushrooms

Umami Sauce is particularly suitable for vegan, vegetarian, and of course, meat-based dishes. Add it as a liquid seasoning on top of your dish to enhance its flavor, or use it as an ingredient in your recipes. Incorporate it into plant-based dishes, soups, salads, dressings, and risottos. It can also serve as a base ingredient in emulsions like mayonnaise and marinades. Umami Sauce balances, intensifies, and enhances the flavors of the other ingredients in the dish. It's also suitable for all types of long cooking processes.

For those feeling more adventurous, Umami Sauce with Mushrooms can also be used in the realm of desserts, such as in salted caramel and dishes like panna cotta. In this case, we recommend reducing the sauce to a syrup consistency first.


REDUCED Organic Umami Sauce with Mushrooms for professional kitchens is available in the following variant:

  • 1000 ml Organic Umami Sauce with Mushrooms in a plastic bottle with screw cap, made from recycled plastic - rPET.


    Less food waste

    In Denmark, 2500 tons of mushrooms are produced annually. 8 to 10% of them go to waste – for example, because they break, are ugly, or are "imperfect" in size.

    When we make stocks and sauces, the appearance of the mushrooms doesn't matter – the taste is the same.

    Our Umami Sauce is made from sorted out, brown, and white organic mushrooms from Tvedemose and produced using REDUCED's unique method in our own production facility in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.

    For every liter of Umami Sauce we produce, we save 1.5 kg of mushrooms from going to waste.

    Produktion af Umami Sauce med svampe 

    The uniqueness of umami

    Umami is one of the five basic tastes, although perhaps the least well-known among them. The taste was first defined in 1908 by the Japanese professor and chemist Kikunae Ikeda, who sought to uncover the source of the fantastic flavor in Japanese soups. He discovered that the presence of the compound glutamate, naturally found in various ingredients and products (including breast milk), imparts the umami taste. This flavor sends a signal to the brain that the food is rich in proteins, which contribute to building the body, and thus we are wired to prefer it. In fact, "umami" translates to "the most delicious part of deliciousness."

    To introduce umami into your dishes, you can use ingredients such as anchovy fillets, concentrated tomato paste, soy sauce, or Parmesan cheese. However, these ingredients often bring along additional flavors, colors, and textures that go beyond umami. On the other hand, REDUCED Organic Umami Sauce offers umami as a pure ingredient. With it, you can impart the desired depth and intensity to your food without altering the structure or color of the dish. The relatively low salt level in the product also makes it easier to regulate the final seasoning.


    About mushrooms and umami

    Mushrooms are a great source of umami in your dishes. As a general rule of thumb, dark mushrooms contribute more umami than light ones, such as shiitake, portobello, and cremini mushrooms. The umami from mushrooms enhances the perception of meaty richness, mouthfeel, and a lingering aftertaste that is often associated with animal products. This is why mushrooms are also highly suitable for creating umami in vegetarian and vegan dishes.

    Due to the relatively low natural umami content in many vegan dishes, some people may tend to compensate with extra salt. However, by adding our mushroom-based umami, flavors and mouthfeel are elevated, and the dish not only becomes more flavorful but also reduces the need for salt.